SMS Online

Providing BC school districts with Canadian cloud hosting for their online and distributed learning platforms.

The SMS2 Team

We are the team behind the development of SMS2 and we fully understand the complex needs of distributed learning schools.

Education Technology Experienced

Our team has vast experience in education technology from both the public and private sector.

What we do

Canadian Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting solution is located in Canada and PIPEDA compliant, ensuring your data will meet FOIPPA requirements.

Complete SMS & LMS Hosting

We host the entire SMS and LMS architectures for you, including all database servers, application servers, and load balancers. No setup required by your IT dept.

Managed Release Updates

We ensure your system is always up-to-date with the latest releases allowing you to focus on student related activities.

Unlimited Scalability

Unlike a traditional in-house server, we can add capacity to your SMS or LMS with very little downtime and with short notice.

Regular Backups

Your data is backed up daily to improve data safety and disaster recovery.

Encrypted Traffic

All traffic to and from your sites are encrypted and do not require involvement with your IT dept to purchase SSL certificates.

Get in touch

We would be happy to discuss how we can help your school with SMS2.